To kick off a number of features on female soul stars we give a hearty welcome back to Peter Burns as he brings to our pages the story of Esther Phillips. A unique vocal style set Ms. Phillips apart and she maintained a successful career spanning many different styles of music. Her Northern outings packed dance floors in the mid 70s but her history is so much more than that as you’ll see when you read her story.

The Australian soul ‘scene’ is populated by Ex-British emigrants and the odd Australian national. The collecting of soul releases on Australian record labels has grown in tandem with their developing scene and has now expanded beyond their shores. With some fantastic classic soul releases on good quality vinyl and some great looking promos to be sought out, the Australian records have become extremely sought after in the last decade or so. When I first contacted Nigel Loveless for assistance I envisaged a four or five page article showing some of the harder items to find. As my research developed it became apparent that there was so much quality music issued there that it eventually developed into a full blown feature.

This issues ‘diary report’ takes in three countries, (should have been a fourth but the dreaded flu kept me away from Hamburg), US, UK and Spain. The live acts in Chicago at the Soul Trip USA event were outstanding and the surprise appearance by Mel Britt in Detroit reduced many soul fans to tears. The Midnight Hour Event at Prestatyn lived up to it’s reputation as THE live gig in the soul calendar when we were treated to a fantastic live showcase that was up there with the best one’s so far. The Volumes performing ‘Lady In Green’ was a memory to cherish! On to Valencia in Spain and the Gonna Be A Big Thing Allnighter. UK DJ collectors Andy Dyson and Ady Pountain joined Barbara Grassi from Italy and the local crew of Dani and Albert to provide a perfect blend of soul for their sell out crowd.

There are certain acts, be they individuals or groups that are so revered that they seem to transcend musical styles and become almost bigger than the genres they cross. Little Anthony and The Imperials are one such act. Spanning all styles of music, the group have been at the top of their game for decades and have recently been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Jason Thornton spent some time with the group as they toured the Southern States and brings us the full story of a group that are held in the highest esteem by fans worldwide. From their early street corner harmony-influenced beginnings, through the Rock-n-Roll era to their wonderful soul outings with Teddy Randazzo and Victoria Pike, it’s all here, in full glorious color, just as it should be!






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