A Big Welcome to "There's That Beat!" What's it all about you're probably asking? Well, the fact that you're reading this leads us to believe that you have at least a passing interest in the phenomena known as Rare & Northern Soul so, that's where we'll start. By we, I mean me, Dave Moore (Vinyl-45s) and my "partner in crime" Jason H. Thornton (MajorWaxBuildup). The magazine is based in the US with Jason being the US point and Dave currently operating out of Europe.

We are hoping we can provide a publication dedicated to celebrating soul music both at home and abroad whilst enabling fans, scattered around the globe, to keep abreast of all things Rare & Northern Soul related–not just with records, CDs or what we are all listening to in our individual record rooms, but with live appearances by artists, events, and generally keeping a finger on the pulse of all things soulful.

The articles we feature and the information contained within the magazine are produced by collectors, fans, and DJs from around the globe. Anyone wishing to contribute in any form is certainly more than welcome to join us. Suggestions, comments and ideas for any future articles are also more than welcome.

With our third year of production well underway with Issue #11 now on the streets, it would be remiss of us not to thank and congratulate all the contributors, who spend their time producing the features and help with the articles. Without the records, pictures, promo ads, etc., we would have no magazine. As the magazine continues to develop, hopefully we can improve and refine our efforts and give fellow fans a magazine worthy of their passion! If anyone would like to contribute in any way we are delighted to create features that fans write and we can produce great graphics to enhance the text provided by contributors. We can be contacted via e-mail or phone:

[email protected]

Tel: 001 352 978 3582 or 0034 660 469484 in Europe

Please take a look around the magazine's pages and we hope you find some of our scribblings entertaining!


“I feel I have to put it in writing how its an extreme honor to be featured in your magazine. Thanks again and again! I'm eternally grateful to you and your staff for their professional ability."
-Mike Terry

“Thank you so much for everything! I'm overcome with joy! After all these years, my Dad is getting the recognition he deserves!"
-Pamela Joy Brantley

“...easily one of the best magazines on classic soul we've ever seen! ...put together with a wonderful look and sense of style -- all-color all the way through, filled with vintage images, photos, and record label scans -- all of which make the magazine seem more like a book than anything else!”
-Dusty Groove

“I received the magazine yesterday and I thought you did a terrific job. I very much liked your decision to tell my story through the artists' stories. It made it much more interesting than a "then I arranged, then I produced, and so forth.”
-Jimmy Wisner